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Nowadays many people loosen their Faith in God, due to various reasons such as negativity, financial crisis, and business loss. There is so much negativity in the modern world, if you want to eliminate the negativity from your life, then use Faith app which is the best platform to eliminate the negativity by reading the testimonials and thoughts about the faith from the popular and famous faith leaders. This app is free of charge to download and available for both Android and iOS users. Once you download this app, you have to register in this app for reading the post and testimonials.

For registration, you have to follow three simple steps which make you register in this app. In step one you have to add your full real name and after that click on the continue icon. In the next step, you have to add the valid email address. In very last step you have to enter the phone number where you receive the code. The code will appear on your phone in less than a minute. Enter that code in the app and complete your registration process. Once your account is fully created, then you can ask your faith-related question from your favorite faith leaders and share your thoughts about faith.


  • Share Prayers: This platform is best for the sharing the prayers about faith and god. In this platform, you can also request for the prayers from the other members of this app. This app is world famous, and you will get the chance to meet with the different people from around the world.
  • Ask Questions: In this platform, you can ask the related question which is about faith from the other members. This platform is best to give worship toward God and always stay touch with the god if you have the busy schedule and don’t have enough time to visit the church.
  • Donation: Many people want to donate the money to the church as worship. This Social network is best for the donation and doesn’t have to worry about the payment you can easily donate the money through different payment option such as PayPal, Card, Bitcoin, and Android, etc.

•    Connect with faith people: This platform is ultimate to engage with the people who believe in god and also want to share the thoughts about the faith and testimonials. Create a group where you can invite many other members and tell them about your testimonials and thoughts.

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